Is life meaningless?

According to Irvin David Yalom, yes. Life is meaningless.

Our life is downright meaningless. So let’s accept that life is meaningless, for everyone (successful or not), and focus on something else that makes you happy.

1. Participate in life

When we dive into our day, we plan for activities, experience each moment, be busy with it.

Then, we won’t have time to think about “What is the meaning of life?”

Conclusion, you find things to do, be so busy with your activities, stop thinking about this question.

If it seeps into your mind, just be cool and tell yourself, life is meaningless, Dr Irvin Yalom said that.

This technique is going to heal those we are lost in life.

If life is meaningless, what can I do?

Step 1. Have a job

No matter what it is. Good or bad job, it’s going to bring you experience, and leads you to a better answer.

If it’s a satisfying job, you will automatically proceed to the next step.

If it’s a bad job, you will ask questions. If you give them proper thoughts, answers will reveal.

Remark: Full-time homemaker, students are legit jobs.

Step 2. Set your goals

Or have a to-do list if you really can’t think of any.

Step 3. Have a hobby

This is important. Find your “flow” activities.

You’ll be surprised some people find their 9-5 job “flowing”. If you are not that lucky, keep looking.

Step 4. Take an initiative to love

Love is not going to fall from the sky. If you don’t know who to love, start from the closest. Your parents, your guardian, your childhood friend, someone you are very comfortable with. Everyone needs someone to talk to, but very few is brave enough to take initiative.

Be courageous to talk to anyone, if they see you as a friend, they won’t be annoyed by you. If you feel like the conversation isn’t working, keep on looking for the next one to annoy.

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