The Old Couple 炒粿条 in PJ Old Town

炒粿条 Char Kuey Tiaw in PJ old town, oops, sorry its not in Puchong.

But it was only 15 minutes away.

Order via Whatsapp Delivery

012 618 1797

They used to sell at 大树头, the great big tree. Now they moved to a terraced shop lot just few meters away.


PJ old town 炒粿条

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No50 Curry Mee

Prawn Mee in PJ State / New Town

Roti Canai PJ Old Town

In my opinion, the best Roti Canai in PJ Old town, along the Mcdonald’s street

During MCO, we can order via 012 633 5502 (En Halim) for delivery.

  • Nasi lemak by MASZ 017 241 5161
  • roti canai
  • thosai with tasty chutney

Not sure if they serve idli.

Their nasi lemak comes with 2 flavour, spicy (white packaging) and non-spicy.

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Restoran New Beauty Century

Auntie Teh’s Soya Bean – in PJ Old Town

We can purchase freshly made soy milk at PJ Old Town.

Auntie Teh’s prepared her soya milk and 豆腐花 right at her home, which is also located along the street. The soymilk is usually sold out by 2pm.

There was no preservative and the soya will go bad if you don’t consume within the time frame.

Restoran New beauty Century Whatsapp Delivery 012-303 3288

Unfortunately Auntie Teh does not accept order online. Maybe you can contact the restaurant right behind.

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