Schonbrunn Piano Review, Malaysia

Schonbrunn piano is not as common in Malaysia, compared to Yamaha and Kawai.

Schonbrunn Piano, Malaysia

We purchased a Schonbrunn piano out of so many choices.

A couple of reasons led to this decision.

1. Friendly, professional salesman

Friendly salesman. We went to Yamaha in Bandar Puteri, but the salesperson was half-hearted when we visited.

Most of the digitals were not turned on, we need to request to have them turned on. But after it’s turned on, we still had no idea what it is. For a parent who couldn’t play a piano, having zero knowledge with piano, their lack of enthusiam didn’t make things better.

Our piano teacher recommended us to visit Emusic, only a few km away, which is also within Bandar Puteri.

At Emusic it is a different story, it’s a satisfying shopping experience.

2. Lots of pianos in the showroom

Where we can actually sit down and try.

They even display FIVE huge grand pianos in the showroom

May be an image of indoor

3. They display lots of 2nd hand pianos

May be an image of indoor
May be an image of indoor

In this store, they didn’t emphasize that new piano is the best. Conversely, the salesperson educated us that an old piano can sound better when the wood aged properly.

Their display gave us so many options, from used Kawai to brand new digital Flykeys.

The salesperson (whom I suspected also a piano teacher), played on each piano, explained to us what are the differences, what are the pros and cons. He took his time and and we didn’t even feel like its a sales pitch, it was his premium piano tour.

4. Soft-glide device

Also their pianos come with a soft fall device, it makes the piano fallboard gliding close softly.

This make all used piano doubled its value.

5. He encouraged the kids to put their hands on the piano

He can totally be the next Mr Ollivander in the wizarding world.

I almost worried he’s going to tell me the piano is made of black walnut and a piece of dragon heartstring.

It also spat out sparks when the Dark Lord played it 50 years ago.

6. 3 months later

Instagram @vasilialeevasilialee

The kids are spending a lot of time on the piano. According to them, it’s soft to touch, and they can play with the volume, from pp to ff, unlike their previous digital.

Schonbrunn Piano Bandar Puteri, Puchong, Malaysia

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