How much I spent on Coffee

As an espresso coffee addict, how much did I spend on coffee each month?

Answer: RM390.00/month. Well spent, each month, for the last 5 years.

Before my coffee machine, I always started my day with a cup of Family Mart cafe latte.

i love family mart latte

Routinely I had 1-2 cups a day. Skipping coffee every 7-10 days. I restricted myself to spend more than RM12 on coffee each day.

How much I spent on coffee each month

Malaysia Coffee PriceMedium Price
Family mart (Large)RM6.90
Family mart (afternoon round)RM3.90
Family mart (for my grandma)RM3.90
McCafeRM 6.50

Before owning a machine

Average RM10 per day30RM300
Cafe visits (average RM10 per visit)6RM 60
Cost incurred (petrol, parking)EstimateRM 30

After puchasing Milesto

Milk (RM8 x 3litres)RM24.00
Coffee bean (medium price)RM50.00
Disposal RM10.00
Paper cups (RM8 per 25pcs)RM. 5.00RM89.00
Cafe visitsRM100.00
Machine (the first 24 months)RM95.00RM284.00

Q: How much I save after owning the machine

A: Roughly RM106 per month.

After 24 months, where the machine is flat cost depreciated, then RM201.00.

Conclusion, it may not save as much money as one expected, but I acquired a new skill, plus I can drink coffee comfortably at home.

1. Cafe visits

Even after I owned a machine, I am still paying visit to cafes. To meet friends, to read a book, or to enjoy the surroundings.

Before owning a machine, some of the days I meet friends or colleague in the evening. I can hardly resist the coffee scent and will always order coffee instead of tea or juices.

cafe puchong
Grey Sky Morning, Sunway

2. The machine cost RM2,300.00

The dual-boiler Milesto machine cost RM2,300 when I purchased it on November 2020. It is only 8 months old at present.

milesto coffee

3. Ya, I am still using paper cups.

I am well aware that paper cups are not environmentally friendly.

I swapped to period cup so God won’t turn me into a tree my next life.

A cup of joe usually lasts me a several hours. It often leaves stains on the tumbler and I choose to use a paper cup. Well I also reuse them at the best I can. A roll of double wall paper cup with lid can last more than a month, depending on how many days I stay at home or going out. This MCO (June 1st 2021 to present), I’ve used less than 5 paper cups.

Ideal home household, located in Puchong, is selling RM6.40 for 25 cups, and the lids RM for 50pcs.

4. Disposal (Coffee beans)

For a beginner coffee maker, I threw away way more coffee and milk than you can imagine. Experiencing with grind size, humid, milk foaming, tamping strength. Each 18g cost RM2.50. When I first began, I once threw away 4 doses before I can accept the 5th cup, which was also way under average.

However, this expenses diminished along the way. After a few months, I usually wasted only the first grind when I purchased new bag.

5. Coffee and Milk

I get my coffee from Starman Coffee in Puchong

1kg of coffee bean cost RM135 at Starman Coffee, but we can definitely get one under RM30 / 250g somewhere else, for example, the place where I got my Milesto Machine, J Coffee, or shopee.

At shopee or Jaya grocer, I can find good quality coffee bean as low as RM35/500g.

UHT milk does not work and I have no idea why. Fresh milk generally cost RM7.50 and above per litre.

I am using Farm Fresh, Farmhouse and Yarra Farm lately, since these are easier to get in Malaysia.

6. How much I spent on coffee?

A lot, but does it worth the price? I tried half a year without coffee, I already accepted the fact that coffee brings joy to me, and making them with my own hands are even more fun than purchasing from the cafe.

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