Where to recycle old clothing in Puchong?

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At some point you have to let go. Do you know where to recycle old clothing so it ends up in a better place?

Make way for the old ones, so the new ones can come in.

Where to recycle old clothing in Puchong?

1. Beautiful Gate Hope Factory (Puchong)

Located in Puchong, they have dozen of donation box right outside the factory.

They sort out the clothes by fabric, color, and recycle / reuse them accordingly.

old clothes recycle puchong

No 17, Jalan TPP 1/36,
Taman Perindustrian Puchong
47000 Puchong, Selangor.

Tel              : +603-8060 0072
Fax             : +603-8052 0642

2. 2nd Street @TTDI / @Bangsar

Some distance away from Puchong, you can bring your good conditioned item to TTDI or Bangsar.

Reselling pre-loved item is a rather common practice in Japan and US.

2nd street bring in this culture and made pre-loved item looks good again on the shelves.

They will filter and choose the used I item they believe is worth reselling. 20pcs of “approved” clothing can get you around RM50. after

3. Carousell it

Before you plan to dispose them, you can always attempt to sell them first, especially when the clothing is branded, in 9/10 conditions or perfectly new.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

4. Alteration

Inspired by YouTuber coolirpa, I often

It might not comes the way you expected from the online seller image. I always alter my dress, so it fits me better.

Sometimes I do it on my own, other times I leave it to the professional.

Taylor shop in Puchong, Jalan Helang 13 (Puchong Jaya)

Taylor at Puchong Jaya

There is a Bangladesh taylor who works outside the Kedai Gunting. Warn you, he has attitude. Just be polite and respectful he will

This t-shirt dress was way too short for me, but i love its fabric and texture, so I altered and made it appropriate to be worn outdoor.

5. Where do your clothing goes?

If resell does not work, it will work their way one way or another to the recycling factory.

a. end up as cotton rag

car workshop, cleaning company, maintenance plant needs cotton fabric to remove grease and dirt.

Nothing works better than great absorbent cotton rags.

b. processed and made into thread

We certainly recycle milk cartons and milk containers in Malaysia too!

Let’s work together and do not have the milk cartons end up in landfills.

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recycle milk carton malaysia
May be an image of indoor
May be an image of indoor

How to recycle clothing in Malaysia

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