Where to recycle old CDs in Malaysia?

Do we recycle old cds in Malaysia? Yes, absolutely yes!

Admit it, you will hardly watch the CDs again. With Netflix, smart TV, TV box, even my grandma is watching her black and white operas on Youtube.

How To Recycle CDs, DVDs And Cases | Design Life Hacks

Most of the recycle centers take old cds as long as you are ready to let go what you no longer needed.

The cleared up space of your old cd racks can welcome new stuff, and you’ll regret you didn’t charge the cds rent for the whole 5 years sitting there.

Honestly before disposing, I’ve searched whether my parents’ oldies are available in Youtube, they all do.

1. Ben’s at Taman Perindustrian Puchong 6

Located at Jalan TPP 6/13, they recycle old cds, plastic, and even bubble wrap!

They have a mountain of bubblewrap and clingwrap if you come at the online shopping peak season.

Check out the phone number on their zinc wall.

recycle old cd Taman Perindustrian Puchong

2. Bestdeed Recycle @ Subang Jaya

Block Ar 00 05, Good year court 10 usj 15, Subang jaya

Mr Francis will pay for the cds by weight. Contact him at 016.3126000

Currently in mid 2021 they buy back old cds at RM0.50 each kilogram. And where’s the next destination of your old cds, leave it to the professionals.

How to reuse / recycle old cds | Zero Waste Week
Mr Francis weighing the cds

It’s always recommended to classify your waste before sending to the recycle centre. First for being a good citizen, secondly they will usually buy back at higher price if you classify them well.

If you mix everything like me, they will pay you back as the “mix” category, with lower value.

3. CS Recycle – Puchong

Andy they took old cds and e-waste (computer, laptops, cables) and they are located in Puchong.


+60 10-655 1115

As at August 2021, they are buying back CDs at RM0.9/kg. The price is floating and changing from time-to-time.

4. IPC Recycling & Buy Back Centre

They buy back CDs, even batteries!

We certainly recycle MILK CARTONS and milk containers in Malaysia too!

What happen to your Cds after?

  1. Shredding: The CDs are shredded into small pieces using specialized machines that can handle the tough polycarbonate plastic material.
  2. Separation: The shredded CD pieces are then separated into their component parts, including the metal reflective layer, the plastic polycarbonate layer, and any printed paper or labels.
  3. Cleaning: The separated plastic pieces are washed and cleaned to remove any contaminants, such as glue or ink.
  4. Pelletizing: The cleaned plastic pieces are melted down and formed into small pellets, which can be used to create new plastic products.
  5. Recycling: The pellets can be used to make a variety of new products, including new CDs, DVDs, and other plastic items.

Source: ChatGPT

Let’s work together and do not have the milk cartons end up in landfills.

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May be an image of indoor

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