Can we recycle milk cartons in Malaysia?

Can we recycle milk cartons in Malaysia?

Yes, absolutely yes! The only thing we need to do is rinse the milk carton, roll it up (to save space), collect it properly, and send to recycle center when it bulks up.

Disposing juice boxes and milk cartons Puchong

Most of the recycle centers take milk carton as long as you prepared them well.

So next time when you want to toss it into the garbage, think again!

1. Bestdeed Recycle

Block Ar 00 05, Good year court 10 usj 15, Subang jaya

recycle milk carton malaysia
recycle milk plastic Puchong
recycle old cds usj

Mr Francis will pay for the milk cartons by weight. 016.3126000

2. Auntie Jen Recycle 珍姨

This is an NGO home collector. 珍姨 collects milk cartons and put the recycle fund to a charity organisation nearby. So it’s not a buy back, just donation.

Jalan BK 1/2, Bandar Kinrara, 47100 Puchong

recycle old cds puchong

If this is not far from your house, why not consider doing a good deed to help people and the planet at the same time!

We certainly recycle milk cartons and milk containers in Malaysia.

Let’s work together and do not have the milk cartons end up in landfills.

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