SK2 solves my acne problem

Yes, sk2 saved my acne skin problem.

I had a bad acne problem on my forehead when I hit 30 years old (right around my birthday month – January), and the last time i caught acne it was in my teenager time, 15 years ago!


December 2020Wedding Make Up

It was way worse in reality, it grew around on the eyebrow, hairline, they were all painful upon touch.

before sk2 acne

January 2021 – tried Clinique

It helped to surpress the acne, but it kept appearing the next day. If I did not apply one night, the next day would be a disaster.

The application experience also unpleasant. It caused prickling sensation whenever the gel touches the acne.

Anti-Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion | Clinique Malaysia E-Commerce site
Acne Solutions™ Clinical Clearing Gel | Clinique
Acne Solutions™ Clinical Clearing Gel | Clinique
before sk2 acne problem

A few suspected causes of my acne problem

1. I’ve never use any moisurizer, facial product prior to this

I visit beauty salon monthly, sometimes twice a month, merely for the relaxing moment. I hardly put on anything before sleep, except for toner, and it wasn’t every night. I don’t like the feeling of having a film of substance on my face. If I was going out, moisturizer will be “washed off” by my excessive sweat.

Melanin condition earlier in 2018

I started to apply sunblock after the melanin condition that appeared in 2018.

2. Coffee consumption

I am a coffee lover, I purchased an espresso machine and make my own cup everyday, mostly having 2 cups of coffee in a day.

When I have coffee, it’s always unsweetened, with only fresh milk. Cafe Latte.

Until one day I switched from coffee to boba milk tea, for a continuous 7 days, you know, when the addiction striked.

I noticed the acne got less aggressive and even went down until I started with coffee again.

3. Hormone and aging

4. The wedding make up

I don’t know what was applied to my face.

I also don’t apply make up on normal days, other than sunblock.

wedding makeup acne

I was desperate, until I saw a high school friend, she’s showing her empty sk2 bottle

March 2021

I purchased a bottle from SK-2 official online store, they took 7 days to deliver. It was RM253, very costly for someone who never bought anything for their face.

I couldn’t believe my eyes and convinced that this is a miracle. All the acnes were controlled from 3D to 2D, scars are everywhere. But it wasn’t hurt to apply at all, even if I did not apply one or two nights, no new acnes are coming out.

I took the video right after applied sk2 that night

June 2021

I started to drink coffee again 2 weeks after SK2. The scars faded out.

after sk2

So this is my SK2 miracle story.

Today – Purchasing my 2nd bottle

Just placed an order for 2nd bottle. The 75ml lasted from 22 March to 28 June, with leftovers that can go on another 5-7 days.

Author: Dona Liew

28th June 2021

Does sk2 solve your acne problem like how it does mine?

Give us a comment below.

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