Things I regret spending on

It’s not just the money, I regret the time spending on manicure and pedicures, from going to the salon, to removal, reapply, the cycle.

Each session caused no less than RM100 (gel mani + gel pedi)

The salon I went to is actually the best deal I ever encountered, The Chain Nail Service.

Until I started teaching piano, I had this habit removed all at once. Only getting if I’m being a bridesmaid. I also purchased the gel manicure removal, so I don’t have to run to the salon.

I still enjoy manicure once in a while, not more than twice a year.

press-on manicure
diva stick on manicure

2. Stylish Gym membership

For the first six months it was awesome, I made it to gym 4 days a week. I was also a student at that time.

I signed up for Celebrity Fitness back in 2013. I was a run enthusiast. That year it wasn’t safe to run at the park, especially when my work out time is either before 7am, or after 8pm. The membership was RM130.00 per month, with minimum 12 months contract. I made use of the 12 months well. First six months totally enjoyable, the next six months less exciting but still fun, there’s still plenty to try on, cycling class, pilates, yoga. I was training for a few marathon the later 6 months, so the membership was pretty functional. I graduated somewhere at the 10th month, which made the membership suddenly useless.

13th months onward, I was convinced that if I quit gym, I’d quite exercising all together. As a fresh graduate, overtime was a necessity. I wasn’t overweight or underweight, unfortunately I’m the kind who needs to workout consistently else there will be weight gain. So I stayed for another 12 months. 2 out of the 12 months, I made no apperance at all. The rest visiting less than 4 times a week.

I enjoy a lot of activities other than gym. Swimming, hiking on Sunday, jogging at the park, golf, yoga, k-pop dancing. If I want to make my membership worthy, I’ll have to put the others behind.

I do not weight train daily, hardly joining classes because it couldn’t match my schedule. I ran on tread mill and pick a few machine afterwards that’s all. We had to pay RM3 each time we enter the building. When I first joined it was free. New building promo.

It’s not that the gym is not good enough, it’s going to gym with a wrong reason.

I am still going to gym now. Instead of signing up for 12-months member ship, I go to per-entry gym now, at affordable gym that’s suitable for female.

3. Did you regret spending on certain stuff?

Especially when you’re in your mid twenties? The year you started earning money and thought that wouldn’t hurt.

Tell us in the comment below.

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