Cute Mona Lisa Cartoon Version

Cute Mona Lisa Cartoon Style

We drew a cute cartoon version of Mona Lisa.


mona lisa cute cartoon

Why is Mona Lisa so famous?

1. It’s a huge hit in the 2D era

Pictures before the 3D revolution looks like this

importance of Mona Lisa
Why is mona lisa so famous

In the same era, our Chinese Emperor looks like this. The oil painting technology did not get to China somehow, we didn’t have pictures of realistic emperor until the camera was invented. Which didn’t happen until the very last emperor Cixi.

Cixi had a realistic oil painting, but her time was 300 years after Mona Lisa.

2. Finally it’s not about the Royals anymore

Only royals deserve oil paintings. No, not anymore

We’re tired of flawless Royals and Jesus, give us something else we can relate to.

3. It was stolen

It was stolen from a multi-tier security museum

Even the hook where it used to hang the stolen piece became famous.

Imagine pay the museum ticket and look at a weary hook.

Title: Mona Lisa Cute Cartoon Version

4. The color to show distance

Too artsy for me to understand.

Summary: Far objects, cold color, blurry, smaller; near objects, warm color, sharper, bigger.

We’ve learned this in primary school, but at the time it was a new discovery.

Something about the Golden Ratio of her face too.

5. Something about the smiles

It was drawn blurry at the edges, not fixed like other smiles in other paintings. Very hippy at the time.

6. With all the circumstances above, this painting was done by a celebrity

Da Vinci. He’s everywhere.

7. They don’t know who is this girl

The celebrity’s mistress? The artist himself?

Famous doesn’t mean the best. It’s a mixture of innovation skills and marketing factors.

Check out the time we had our pre-wedding shoot at Thames Town, Shanghai here. We had very low expectation, but turned out its great.

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