Prawn Mee in PJ New Town 亚日虾面

Prawn mee in PJ new town, oops, sorry its not in Puchong.

But it was only 15 minutes away.

亚日虾面 – Order via Whatsapp Delivery

Eric 012 6141 400

This is our favourite prawn mee. It had been reviewed by many food lovers.



The prawn mee stall is located right in Restoran Kam Heong, it was undeniably one of the oldest prawn mee stall you can find in PJ, which was running for the past 55 years. When the owner was 15, he rode tricycles all the way from Titiwangsa to Pj and selling the delicacy along the route. As of today, he continues to stew the prawn broth before sunrise. Their prawn noodles are especially big in serving size, with lots of prawns in, and sate your appetite.

Here’s the number to order. You’ll have to arrange your own collection though.

Eric 012 6141 400

An honourable mention, Restoran Kam Heong also serves wakeful coffee and tea tarik.

At RM2.70 you can have something that taste and quality of RM12.70

Tec C @甘香茶室

PJ Newtown 甘香茶餐室 – 亚日虾面 – Eric 012 6141 400

Check out Fresh Soya Milk you can buy and delivery to your doorstep in Puchong.

Sharing what we know.

2. Kuey Teow Soup PJ Old Town, our pride

Q: What’s nice in PJ Old town?

A: Oh, have you tried our Ko Tiao Tang?

That’s always how I answer my friends, being someone who grew up in old town.

Located right opposite of FnC (中国风), Shoon Lee coffee shop is an decades old running kopitiam in our region. It was much bigger space back then, but due to PJ Old Town Leasehold issues, you can see most Old Town businesses switched places. 

When we were young, we called this place “Big Tree Head” (大树头), because it grew a huge tree within the old shop. Yes, inside the shop.

Waze to Shoon Lee Coffee shop, or Mcdonald’s Old Town, then walk here.

Kuey Teow Soup in PJ Old Town

Unfortunately the boss is yet to accept delivery service, he said it was too busy to pick up calls and accept orders through the phone. If you are craving for something and lazy to get out of your door, try another pride we have in New Town, Prawn Mee in PJ New Town 亚日虾面。

3. The Old Couple 炒粿条 in PJ Old Town

Char Kuey Tiaw in PJ old town, oops, sorry its not in Puchong.

But it was only 15 minutes away.

Order via Whatsapp Delivery

012 618 1797

They used to be at 大树头, the great big tree. Now they moved to a terraced shop lot just few meters away.


4. 擂茶 Lui Char – PJ Old Town

Traditional Hakka Lui Char Restaurant

37, Jalan 1/12, Seksyen 1, PJ Old Town, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

012 798 5104

Old Place
New Place
Restoran New Beauty Century

5. Chicken and Char Siew Rice by Gerai Makanan Kie Kee Stall 41

Next to the pasar building, there’s a red block building that held many individual food stall inside.

6. Auntie Teh’s Soya Bean – in PJ Old Town

We can purchase freshly made soy milk at PJ Old Town.

Auntie Teh’s prepared her soya milk and 豆腐花 right at her home, which is also located along the street. The soymilk is usually sold out by 2pm.

There was no preservative and the soya will go bad if you don’t consume within the time frame.

Restoran New beauty Century Whatsapp Delivery 012-303 3288

Unfortunately Auntie Teh does not accept order online. Maybe you can contact the restaurant right behind.

Old Town Series

1. Restoran Satellite @ Jalan Gasing

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