Diving at Semporna, Sabah, a review

Review: Scuba Diving at Semporna

We went to scuba diving at Semporna last year and here is our review.

We all heard of Sipadan diving trips in Sabah, but a few heard of Semporna. Semporna is located 2 hours from Sipadan, which is more strategically located, only an hour from airport.

Sipadan was expensive, it is also meant for passionate divers. While we only wanted a place to chill and have fun for a few days, so we opt for next door Semporna.

There we zoom in on google map, then we found Luma Selakan.

11 Reasons to visit Semporna, Sabah

semporna sabah scuba diving
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semporna scuba diving review
luma selakan review
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We went to Luma Selakan a few months before the Covid-19 pandemic. It happened to be my last plane ride before lockdowns.

1. Amazing scuba dive experience

semporna sabah scuba diving review

We went for total 7 dives at Luma Selakan.

Our DM is a macro enthusiast. We would stop at a same spot for a long time.

That’s exactly how I liked it.

And when I found a macro by myself for the first time, I screamed out loudly in the water. Even though it’s a very common pikachu.

2. Balanced meals

Opposed to commercialize buffets, we have village homemade food here.

And bento on the boat during dives.

3. Amazing divemasters

We’ve taken a heaps lots of photos, because the DM cares.

The dive master (DM) also love macro photography, so we were shown many nudi branch, prawns, orang utan. We also get to swim minimal and save energy.

We never search for humphead or sharks, while we were observing macro life, they just happen to swim by us.

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semporna scuba diving
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4. Diving equipments

The place is equiped with diving equipments, including wet suits, fins, we also managed to find scuba pointers. We travelled by plane, knowing wet suits provided was a huge relief, I was so afraid of coldness in the sea.

scuba diving semporna luma selakan

5. Beers and snacks – BYO

Snacks are provided, beer you are welcome to bring your own. The refrigerator is available to store your beer icy cold.

luma selakan
luma selakan
luma selakan
Snacks are provided around 10am and 3pm

A relaxing trip isn’t completed without an iced cold beer. We are bringing our own beers, they allowed us to keep our beer and ice cream in their freezer.

Gradualy we learn to resist the mouth watering doughnuts to avoid unwanted weight gain.

6. Amazing Sunset and Sunrise view, yes both

luma selakan scuba diving
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luma selakan scuba diving
luma selakan semporna diving review

7. Safe

Sulu Pirates, fish bombs were among the most concerned topics at Sabah at the time.

We didn’t lock our doors, cz it doesn’t have a lock.

We heard the resort was near to a military base, that’s why criminal cases were rock-bottom here.

Meanwhile in Sipadan Island, after 5pm all water activities are prohibited. We were told radar system will be activated and soldiers will be

8. Bohey Dulang

The package included a trip to Bohey Dulang. I did not expect much from this activity, later I found myself jaw-dropping with the view.

It took around 30 minutes to climb up here. The guide told us we’d only need 15 minutes, he overestimated our stamina.

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9. Planktons

On one night when we were just done for dinner, we were summoned to the bridge and all lights were closed. We saw bright planktons floating under the platforms.

It is the most unforgetable moment for me on the island. I did not take any photo, I just stared straight into the water for the whole 5-10 minutes, and they flew passed us and vanished.

It was close to this one, only its more greenish in my memory. Like many LED shines individually in the water. The water below us was only 4 or 5 feet away, that’s how close we were to the bioluminescence.

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10. The Cost


All 4 days, 7 dives, 1 hiking trail, all meals, including round transportation to airport, this trip cost us RM1,600.00, excluding plane ticket, which is another RM250 both way, that we purchased from air asia promo.

However, this is from year 2019, we don’t know their current pricing.

11. No Monsoon Season

They do not have monsoon season in Semporna. It’s all year round season!

12. No air-conditiong

This is actually an off marks point. We are completely okay without air-conditioning, because we went out diving from morning till evening. At night it was as cold as 18 degree celcius, colder than air-cond temperature.

However if you are bringing along a family member who are not joining the sea activities, they might have to tolerate with Malaysia hot weather.

In conclusion,

Review of Scuba Diving at Semporna: 9/10

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Author: Dona Liew

Year visited: October 2019

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    Thank your for the review buddy! Please, come again in the future

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