I thought I wear an A cup, turn out it’s a D

Cup A to cup D over the night?

I hated wearing a bra. If there’s a chance I don’t need to, I won’t wear one. I’m a free sprit.

The story: I was never properly measured

My mom had been purchasing discounted deal for me since I was a teenager. The brand was always Triumph. I was never properly measured. My mom would ask me to go into the fitting room, if the size is too small, then I’ll take a bigger size, or otherwise.

Most of the time I couldn’t fill up a cup B bra, so it was determined I was a cup A.

Bras are never comfortable for me. If the shirts are layering are thick enough, I would surely go for a braless day.

Until one day I came across a video

Youtube @Audrey Coyne

I was almost 30 years old when I watched this video. I have already suffered 10 years of bad bra up till the point, I thought it was nothing to loose to try out an expensive lingerie.

Not long after this video, I hang out with my uni mates. I went braless that day. We went for clothes shopping and turned out it was difficult to try on dresses without a bra.

That’s the time I decided to walk into Xixili at Midvalley, Kuala Lumpur.

When I first entered the shop, a Chinese middle aged sales person greeted me friendlily. I was embarrassed when they wanted to take my measurements.

More shocked later, I was in the fitting room, where the sales person entered the fitting room (it was very spacious though), and wanted to check how the bra looks and fits.

The service was so premium I felt pressure not to make purchase. However as the sales person talked to me, she reassured I don’t have to make any purchase, I can definitely go out without buying anything. Her sole job that day was to find that ONE bra that makes me look and feel comfortable, regardless if I’m buying them.

We tried on almost 10 different bras and sizes. She gave me advice and educate what consequences a wrong bra can lead to. Especially for I had develop poor breast shape after years of wearing unsuitable bra.

How did it happen?

1. The misconception: Good bra means cleavage

There’s no cleavage when I wear the bra –> I should wear a size smaller –> there’s still no cleavage –> I should go even smaller

random Cup A bra i got online
Cup size too small
副乳 cup a to cup D
Fats spilling out from the side 副乳

At the fitting room I was told I should wear a D cup.

Cup A to Cup D without surgery???

I was beyond surprise. It’s the best news ever! I wish I had the money to buy everything in the store.

xixili cup a to cup D

2. Different breast shape

Imagine D cup is a certain weight of dough, it can be mould into different shapes. In some cases, the dough has bigger diameter, but shorter height, that makes the breast doesn’t look like the D cup you’ve seen in the media.

Xixili wireless

3 months or so later, I got a D70 with different cutting

The bra fits perfectly. It is wireless thus it does not feel like a prison, yet securely supported the twins. I have my first ever cleavage! It’s not as expensive as I’d imagine. The sales person reminded me a couple of times, these must be hand-wash.

A year after the first visit, I am currently buying all bras in D cup. The sales person said it might’ve due to breast shape correction. It is also more comfortable and not suffocative.

Xixili is a cup bigger than the other brands

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