Do you like travelling?

Yes I enjoy travelling very much, but I hardly plan one, so far. I am 31 years old this year.

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1. It’s not easy to take an off day from work

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I have a 9-5 job, and a part time job teaching music on weekends.

To take annual leaves off my day time job is not as difficult as cancelling the piano classes. There’s no one to replace, and frequent rescheduling will affect the students’ progress. Besides, I had fun teaching! It really does bring joy to me and I look forward to every class on weekend, even when it means no rest day for me.

2. I feel insecure to travel without a purpose

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However, finding an excuse to travel is equally easy.

I travelled to Shanghai and Melbourne because my childhood friends are residing there. I had travelled to China for exhibitions and factory visits. I’ve been to Korea because I’m learning the language, I’ve been to Southeast Asia countries for various diving trips.

And yes, diving is another “purpose” that I find meaningful.

To take pretty photos and take a rest from work, so far that’s not in my list of travelling purpose.

3. Sight-seeing is very tiring

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Photo by Manasvita S on Unsplash

It’s also not relaxing for me.

Have you ever been to a trip filled with schedule with no breaks in between? Have you been to trips with friends and they have different opinions on where to go and what to do?

I enjoy sight-seeing, but I need it to be done at a non-rushing pace, and only choose places that interests me.

4. My ideal vacation is somewhat different than others

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I have not as common preferences when I visit another country. For example, I’ll go morning jog in the morning in Korea, I’ll hike a mountain (easy hike) to kill the morning in Melbourne. I’ll just have coffee and chill off the evening in Shanghai. I also stayed in a museum to watch paintings for hours. You know, stare at each painting till your eyes zoom out.

Basically what I do usually at home I’ll also do it at the other country. I like how the details differentiate when I do the same thing in different places. For example, running in the fall is something that could never happen in Malaysia, reading in foreign library I’ll see different cultures.

I love a drink wherever I go and I’ve met friends who don’t share the same interest. So I’m frequently judged as an alcoholic, being told why can’t I just wait till home. That’s because, its what made me feel relax and slow down. Which is the reason that leads me to…

5. I go on vacation by myself

I absolutely enjoy travelling by myself. There’s no need to worry what the others don’t eat, no need to decide on shopping or sunbathing, because I’ll be doing both. I can wake up at 5am and the next day 10am. But you can’t deny the fact that “the more the merrier”.

6. The guilt I couldn’t bring my parents along

My dad and grandma couldn’t travel out of the country. One because he doesn’t enjoy, the other is on wheelchair permanently.

7. It stresses my husband financially

8. Pretty sure I’m not the only one, who else?

Author: Dona Liew

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