Covid Test in Puchong

1. Klinik Selva

We took a covid test at Puchong at Jalan Kenari 1. There was no queue at all during my test, so I recommend this klinik to people who needs to avoid the crowd.

covid test Puchong

“Great news guys! Now we are providing 24 hours service for COVID 19 test with affordable price. Hurry up! Don’t miss this golden opportunity! For more details pls WhatsApp us at 012 322 5020.”

They set up a booth at the back valley for covid test.

So you either drive to the back street, or you walk through their clinic.

Antigen result comes out immediately (given that they are not too busy), and PCR test takes 10 hours. The staff said they have their own lab and the lab is in Puchong too, that’s why the test isn’t taking too long.

We took our 2nd covid test the day before Hari Raya, our result in PDF was taking longer, about 18 hours. The daily confirmed case was higher compared to the previous test.

Covid Test in Puchong

Pricing as of 09 Feb 2022

AntigenRM 55.00

In my opinion, the staffs are friendly, except the one sitting behind the computer is a bit cold, overall polite and attentive.

They are right next to Hei Loi Tang Restaurant at Puchong.

Covid Test Result within 15HR

2. Poliklinik Nusajaya – Glenmarie

This clinic is 10km from Puchong, but they offer speedy test within 15 hours.

We took test at 10am, got our result at 6pm.

Phone: 03 5569 9693 | Sell Used Car | Trade-in Car | Car Bidding | Malaysia

Pricing as of 09 Feb 2022

AntigenRM X0.00

Author: puchongian

Updated May 2021

Check out our next post to find out the cost (MRY) if you are admited to a private hospital because of Covid 19.

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