Review: Milesto Coffee Machine

Review: Milesto Coffee Machine, does China origin espresso machine works?

December 2020, after a few months of MCO (Movement Control Order in Malaysia), I decided to buy myself a proper machine.

4 months later

I went on to compare between brands, brand new versus second hand.

I locked down on the Breville BES870. It comes with an built-in grinder, the steamer looks solid and powerful.

Breville BES870 price

As I decided to withdraw money and go for Breville at Harvey Norman, I saw a Facebook post and the plan was bring to a halt.

Someone decided to sell off this breville machine at half of its price. I PM the seller immediately and he said someone else already booked it.

As a passionate coffee lover, he started to share with me why he planning on selling it, and the replacement he’s going to get. He recommend me to check out the China Brand, Milesto, which he will place order once he got the RM1800.

By the look of it, this china coffee machine is square and not stylish enough.

Brevillle BES870 is single boiler machine, with only RM1,700, Milesto is selling dual boiler, which equivalent Breville is selling at RM5,000.00 at the time. Dual boiler doesn’t need a hard time waiting for the steamer to get ready. He was also unsatisfied with the built-in grinder, which was a conical grinder at the time.

I decided to buy Milesto due to its review and affordable price range. RM1,699 for the dual-boiler, and another RM400 for the grinder. Also RM25 for a bag of coffee beans.

How much do you spend on coffee per month?

Check out How much I spend on coffee here. And tell me about yours in the comment.

Milesto Coffee machine Specification
Their special “Warranty Card”

They only provide invoice for the purchase. So they take photos of customer together with the machine, if anything, you can come back with the photo.

Milesto Coffee Machine Review
It was a temporary resident warehouse/retail

I used to work in Starbucks, 4 months full-time, 8 moths part time. The machine is very different from where I used to work, where everything was calibrated to standard.

grinder flat burr Malaysia MYR400

Honestly, it works well beyond my expectation. As a beginner, I can make something both look and taste decent.

beginner latte art
Malaysia Milesto EM19M2
My Milesto EM19M2

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4 moths later
Review: Milesto Coffee Machine, does China Machine works?

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Updated: 20 April 2021

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  1. Franky Wong

    Hello, I’m interested with the milesto machine. May i know how to contact the seller please? Thank you

    1. puchongian

      Hi dear,

      Up to May 2021,their Facebook link is

      They are quite responsive to messages. Have fun!

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