How I started yoga

1. When iPhone came up with time-lapse function

I shoot myself working out in time-lapse mode. It was entertaining, and I continued doing it for three weeks, just so every day I produced a 30 seconds video, in different sport attire, different hairstyle, different lighting, even at different places (balcony, bedroom, living room)…

The first few days it wasn’t yoga. It was pilate and hitt training. Then I started realize yoga is the sport I can do every day, because it’s not too tiring, and very relaxing. It makes me look forward to work out time. So I decided to stay for yoga.

As I continue with it, a day of not working out feels weird.

I feel like waking up every day with slight sore muscle is the best feeling in the world.

2. I started to touch my toes

For as long as I remember, I could never touch my toes.

When I first did yoga in the house, I invited my housemate to workout with me. We were laughing as I was the only person who couldn’t touch my own toes while bending forward.

After 2-3 weeks of yoga, my housemate started to notice, I could touch my toes, and I didn’t even noticed it, like it was the most natural thing that happens.

3. My beer belly bitting goodbye

I have this stomach that is 30% of the time flat, 70% of the time belching out if I’m not being careful with my diet.

Yoga changes this fact. It blew my mind. My stomach was then 90% of the time PERFECTLY FLAT. Minus my birthday months of course.

Next, I have smaller thigh.

Then next, my boobs are bigger and firmer, followed by smoother skin.

4. My husband signed up for personal trainer

And it cost a fortune. So I looked up how much does it cost to become a personal trainer.

Turned out a certificate is not necessary, when your body shape is your brightest name card.

Then I started to think, what if I can teach yoga too.

Yoga Teacher Training came onto my google search page.

It cost RM1,600.00 (Ringgit Malaysia).

I signed up for it.

5. Then I was introduced to meditation

I’ve heard of meditation and the benefits it brings all this while, but it never stays in my daily routine, until I signed up for the course.

I learned in the lessons, we don’t have to meditate for two hours a day, in fact 2 minutes would be great if you do it regularly.

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