Photobooth Promotion in Kuala Lumpur.

We signed up for a photobooth promotion package in Kuala Lumpur.

Our Wedding Photobooth Review


December 2020

To have a reason for guest to walk around the lunch banquet, we hired a photobooth at our wedding lunch. Guests can have fun on their own and play with the assorted props. Those pirate eye patch and feather headband are a hit among the elder gen. It also makes the bride and groom less busy, thus making the wedding lunch a more meaningful event.

5 Reasons to have a wedding photo booth

1. The bride and groom can finally take a rest

Back when photobooth wasn’t a thing, the newly wedded couple have to stand at the backdrop and take photos with guest, some of which they can’t even call their names, forcing out stiff smile because the photographer follows wherever the bride goes. If you want to take pictures, you have to take pictures WITH the couple.

Unless you are a professional photo model, I doubt a few can be totally comfortable at it.

photobooth puchong RM999
photobooth Puchong RM799

We chose one of our PWS photo and sent to the photobooth team. That will become the default photo at the bottom cover.

2. We don’t have to shop for wedding door gifts

When talking about wedding door gifts, I’ve brought home chocolate, ferrero rocher, mirror with the couples printed at the back, various keychains, chopsticks, salt and pepper shakers, tea infuser, and the worse, photograph of the couples.

Seriously, whose idea was it to distribute the couples’ photograph to guest?

It’s not that I don’t think photographs of couples are romantic, it was the messy scene that branded in my memory.

I was at a uni friend’s wedding, that night, as the guest started to leave, we saw the couples photograph left unwanted on the table, some was even stained with leftover food.

Moreover, if the guests taken the photo home, where you want them to store it? In their family photo album?

3. 2R Photostrips

Less paper. Less wastage

We ordered 2R instead of 4R strips, as 4R will require additional charges.

+RM150 for 2 hours package
+RM100 for 3&4 hours packages

Plus if you don’t want our face, you can just cut them away. Just do it later as you get home, since the hall doesn’t provide scissors anyway.

4. You can have retakes

If you’re not satisfy with what you just had in front of the camera, just press “Don’t Save” and carry on to the most satisfied one, provided that the queue wasn’t long.

Beautify effects

The photobooth team had settings favouring the guests. It has a auto whitening and beautify effect. So you don’t have to worry about oily face or oxidized foundation after a long day.

5. Everyone is the main character

A wedding is all about the married couple. Or is it? To be honest how many guest would want to keep some other couples photo in their family photobook?

We’d rather you keep your own photo and the good memories, that’s created on our big day.

Photobooth promotion in Kuala Lumpur


We signed up our package at only RM800.00. It works greatly within our budget.

The event took place at Moon Palace (Puchong) Restaurant, on December 2020.

Check out their Facebook for more info.

Check out my total wedding expenses here.

Author: Dona

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  1. Jackie

    Really? Sound great! I am interested! Can share me thier contact? Plan to engage during my event too


    Good insights!
    Am now considering engaging photobooth for my upcoming wedding. Thanks for the recommendation. Cheers!

  3. KS Teoh

    Engage them for my wedding ceremony last year, they served a very good services and friendly crew member to help up during the ceremony. The price they offer are very reasonable and worthy as well.

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