I learn Korean using Duolingo

Duolingo Korean Review 7/10

I learn Korean using the Duolingo app. It was introduced to me by a friend during MCO (Movement Control Order, due to COVID pandemic) in April.

It took me 3 months to complete all chapters. If it’s not four months…

The Good side of this app:

1. It’s completely free!

This was really really to my surprise. It wasn’t the first time I use an app to learn Korean. The last time I tried Lingodeer, the app stop me from using after merely teaching you how to say AnnNyeongHaSeYo. This is the first (and only) time the app didn’t ask for money. From beginning to the very last chapter, I paid nothing, except for my attention. We can pay though, to get rid of the annoying ads. Since I need a break every time I finished the chapter, I use the unskip-able ads to take a small break.

2. It teaches a total 1700 Korean vocabs.

I have to admit I still cannot understand Korean while watching a K-drama, because the vocabs learnt in Duolingo does not reach 2000 words.

Hopefully they will keep updating the apps and add more new words into it.

duolingo korean

I noticed the Duolingo team is adding new sentences to the app once in a while. With luck maybe we can reach 2000 vocabs in the future.

3. I even register the apps for my young students, to learn English.

I am teaching English as a part time job. I registered the app for my students and they were completely free too! To my surprise the kids picked up new words very fast, and they were much more confident when reading in English because Duolingo fix their pronunciation every time they play.

4. As I don’t live in Korea, this apps keeps my practice on par

I tend to play the same chapter day after day until I can memorize sentences. That is the same way how I learn any language. I’ll rate this apps 9/10. 1 mark deducted for it has less than 2000 words, I couldn’t obtain Scholar Badge.


If you don’t pay for the app, it can be difficult

1. Limited hearts

There’s only five hearts given a day, it means you can make only 5 mistakes. However, you can practice to regain hearts. It can be frustrating.

I continue to finish all five levels without paying. But I had some Korean basics before I start. I can read 한글 before I was introduced to this app.

Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching

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Author: Dona Liew

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