How much we spent on our Malaysian Chinese wedding?

How much we spent on our wedding?

We had our wedding ceremony done on December 2020, at Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia. I don’t have the desire to have a grand wedding. From the original planned 250 guest reduced to 40 guest, due to the global pandamic.

2WEDDING BAND      1,400.00
3ROM          100.00
4ROM LUNCH       1,000.00
6PING JIN      10,000.00
7PING JIN (RETURN)         (900.00)
8GUO DA LI (FRUITS, LIQUOR, ANGPAO, BISCUIT)        2,000.00          100.00
9PRE WEDDING SHOOT      1,000.00
10SHOES (2 PAIRS)          150.00
11BED      6,000.00
12BEDSHEET          150.00
13WEDDING GOWN (PURCHASE)          250.00
14WEDDING GOWN (LOSS)      1,000.00
15MANICURE          300.00
16MUA          500.00
18PHOTOGRAPHER (LOSS)            500.00
19DAI KAM JEH (100% LOSS)            700.00
20LUNCH      3,000.00
21ANGPAO      1,500.00        3,000.00
22ANGPAO RECEIVED   (2,800.00)    (1,800.00)
23DECO           70.00
24DECO RED (TEA POT, BASIN)          300.00
25BRIDESMAID GIFT         200.00
26SERVICE AIRCOND         550.00
27PHOTOBOOTH          800.00
28CLEANING FEE (HOME)         100.00
      (380.00)       15,300.00    14,250.00
      (380.00)       15,300.00      9,250.00

We spent almost 30k on the wedding, some amount are unavoidable no matter we are having a wedding lunch or not, for example, the Pin Jing, wedding band, furniture, in our case there’s only one bed.

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