Buying Beer at Kuala Terengganu

You planned for an exciting trip, only to realize 7-elevens don’t sell alcohol beverages in Terengganu.

Why is it not available in Terengganu?

Political Influence

Terengganu had been ruled by an Islamic Party, PAS for the last few decades, which lead to its stricter regulations regarding the sale and consumption of alcohol. This is primarily due to the influence of Islamic law, which prohibits the consumption of alcohol for Muslims.

In Terengganu, the sale of alcohol is typically restricted to licensed premises such as bars, restaurants, and certain shops.

It’s legal for non-muslim

It’s not illegal for non-muslim. Thus you can find bars and bistro in Terengganu, it’s totally legal.


Muslim is the majority (95% and above) in Terengganu. So when you own a shop, you’re frequented by Muslim shoppers. Owners don’t want to make their customer uncomfortable with their shopping experience, so they give up selling alcohol all-in-all.

I’d entered a Chinese-owned groceries shop, they do sell alcohol but not displaying it, and checked out with black plastic bag.

Don’t bother to try Giant and MyDin, they are not selling any alcoholic beverages.

Where to buy them?

1. Tar Loong & Spirits

Located behind SenHeng electrical appliance shop, Syarikat Tar Loong

09 – 6235248

They distributes alcohol beverage here and close daily at 6pm. Plan and grab your drink early.

2. The Store

The Store Plaza Paya Bunga kini mula... - Kuala Terengganu Post | Facebook

3. Chinese Store in Chinatown

You’ll have to ask the staff whether they are selling it, because they often place alcoholic beverages out of sight. It’s not that its illegal in Kuala Terengganu, but to care for the feelings of Muslim shoppers.

They will also wrap your purchase in a black plastic bag.

These Chinese store closed as early as 6pm, so visit with a plan!

4. There are pubs and bistro in Kuala Terengganu

To name a few:

45 Degree

Right at Chinatown

Updated on: 10 November 2020

Have fun and drink responsibly!

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