Nursing Home in Puchong

The nursing home we chose is located in Petaling Jaya, only a 10 minutes drive from Puchong IOI Mall.

The nursing home is undetectable from the outside, a semi-detached house that looks the same as the next.


Our grandmother had a stroke attack 8 years ago and had since immobilized with a conscious mind. She can’t hear us much due to degenerated hearing, but she can sure hear us if we’re trying to bad-mouth her.


1. Clean environment

Cleaning is done regularly. So we don’t have to worry about unpleasant smell present in the air. We always come here to dine with our grandma, so the air cleanliness really matters, to visitors.

Since the place is a semi-d, it has a small garden outside the house, which is a lot more pleasing compare to cold concrete.


2. Warm-hearted caretakers

We are visiting our grandma on daily basis. Even so, it means we only get to see our grandma around 1 hour a day, 2-3 hours on the weekend. She will be spending the rest of her waking hours with the caretakers. The caretakers are warm and have empathy towards their old patients. During MCO, the caretaker Florence will phone us via Whatsapp Video Call.

Sometimes its the small detail that matters. Florence will share with us what she noticed when we’re not around. For example, whether she secretly hate the cakes we brought over the previous day, because my baking was a bit like Rachel Green in friends. There were days when I promised to bring Grandma out for shopping at 3pm, she will be excited and getting ready at 9am.

The last thing we want is having our loved one treated coldly by staff.

3. Low Density, Caretaker-to-patient ratio is 1:2

Which I’m not sure if this happens because business is down. For us it’s sure a plus point. It doesn’t mean then the staff are free all-day to scroll phone. There’s still a lot of cleaning and preparing works to do.

Helping stroke patient to walk

5. They welcome daily visit

Sometimes we are only off from work at 9pm at night, but the nursing home welcome us even that late at night. Its not recommended to do so, as it will disturb other patients. But we’re still glad that this place feel like a second home to us.

6. They take care of dressings well

Upon the 3rd month staying here, grandma developed a pressure sore around the underarm area from sitting long hours on the chair. She likes to sit rather than lying on the bed. So we requested caretakers to change position every 2 hours, which they did, and the pressure sore recover within 2 weeks with constant care and replace dressing.

Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

7. The cost

The place costs us RM2,000.00 per month.

That excludes diapers, medical, milk formula, toiletries and other consumables.

Basically, it includes only the stay, 24 hour care, and 3-6 meals a day.

Expenses per month

DiapersRM 200
Wet wipesRM 30
Prime EnemaRM 30
Milk Formula RM 200
Nursing HomeRM 2,000
Assorted MedicationRM 100

7. Do you know any good nursing home in Puchong?

We lived in Puchong and it means travelling to Petaling Jaya SS4 requires passing a toll daily, even though it’s only a 10 minutes drive (with no traffic) However, we decided that its worth the daily travel.

Email us at or comment if you know of any good places.




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