My Top 8 Cafés in Puchong

Up till year 2020, these are my favorite cafes in Puchong, Selangor. I categorized cafe in Puchong into three types, one for the aroma, one for working space and the last one for gathering events.

For good coffee

1. La Cour

La cour sells great coffee, and provide great interior for ladies who love photography. The lightings are amazing, it has an outdoor garden, an outdoor space on their second floor.

2. Ground Eatery

puchong cafe
Ground Eatery at Puchong

3. The Depot by JWC

Cafe in Puchong, if you are bringing your laptop

A great workspace needs to have enough power point for laptops, enough tables so you won’t feel guilty of using up the space, and the staff are friendly towards you who are planning to sit long hours at their place (without spending much). Moreover, this place should have enough parking spaces so you won’t have to risk loosing your car after a day work.

4. Empty Cup Coffee House @ Bandar Puchong Jaya

5. Starman Coffee @ Bandar Puteri

Located a few meters from Plant & Pots Studio, there is Starman Coffee with bright interior settings, they serve hot food here.

I also purchased coffee bean from Starman coffee. They sell 1kg pack here.

Plenty of parking spaces outside the cafe, opens daily at 10am and they even deliver coffee during the MCO stay home days.

6. Plant & Pot Studio @ Bandar Puteri

PLant & Pot Bandar Puteri
Plant & Pot @ Bandar Puteri

A hidden cafe in Bandar Puteri. Their space is quiet limited, being a part within the plant shop.

Suburb Cafe

7. Haus 7 Cafe

Turn left right before Puchong Perdana Petronas, known as Jalan Rotan, a cafe stood amist the kampung residents

Hidden cafe in Puchong

They are selling only RM7 for a latte, but serving you the quality of award winning beans

Being a puchong-ian for almost 30 years there are still part of puchong remains explored

Sunway: Grey Sky Morning

Grey sky morning is a 10 minutes drive from Puchong and is definitely worth visiting. They have ample of parking space (FOC!), tables that are meant for two pax, just enough air conditioning that doesn’t freeze you. They are also closing early at 6pm. So plan your visit before going!

cafe in puchong 1
Grey Sky Morning at Sunway
cafe near puchong 2
cafe near puchong 3

For gatherings

7. Walnut Café & Bar

Walnut café is great for both coffee and alcohol beverage.

They have limited free parking spaces outside the property. Just park at those lots that have a “For Walnut Cafe Customer Only” signage.

If you know of any new cafés opening in Puchong, do contact us at so we can update our list!

9. Coffee bean & Tea Leaves

What’s next?

If coffee house and big breakfasts cannot satisfy your weekend planning, check out other activities available in Puchong

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