7 ways to get over vacation hangover

As a lazy girl, I can’t face the next day after vacation going straight into the office and pretend I never had the previous 6 days facing sunny beach and drinking cold beer every day. Vacation hangover is a real pain in the a**.

Here I’m sharing my ways to ease the vacation hangover.

Luma Selakan at Semporna

1. Take the next day off

The extra off day is great for unpack, laundry, reorganized and carry on with those things that you didn’t manage to clear up before your trip. Do not overestimate yourself, you’re not the only one who feel awful after a fun but tiring trip. Do yourself a favor and apply the next day off. You can start to take in phone calls or even reply email from home casually, relaxed in your pajamas.

2. Get a cozy breakfast the next morning

If you can’t take the next day off, at least get out to a nice café and enjoy your favorite breakfast out there. If you were having scrumptious meals during your vacation, don’t dive right back into your daily oatmeal and dull bread.

Wizards at Tribeca

Check out nice Puchong Café here.

3. Ask your friends out after work

The day right after the end of vacation is the worst. Plan the next day happy hour with friends or dinner with family. Do not stay depressed in the bedroom alone.

Walnut Cafe @ Puchong

4. Exercise

Work out doesn’t have to be exhausting, on the contrary it can be fun and purposeful. Join a yoga class, meditation class, lift weights, Zumba, golf, dancing, you name it… Either pick something that is already your favorite or try out something new.

Check out per entry gym in Puchong.

5. Make yourself busy the upcoming weekend

Do not guilt yourself just because you spent the previous weekend too extravagantly. Because it’s not, you deserve the break and luxurious moment.

Hiking, painting workshop, breakfast with family.

6. Plan the next one

Even if you don’t book ticket right away, do visualize where is the next place you could go.

Try out a diving trip if you’re not already a diver.

7. Post on Social Media

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash
Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

That’s one of my ways to alleviate hangovers. I do not manage my social media while I am out there having fun, except for a few insta-stories of course.

I only start posting and sharing when I am back at home.

8. Tell me your ways!

Comment below and let me know what are the other awesome ideas your have!

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