Where to recycle at Puchong?

I will collect recycle items weekly and send them to a recycle shop.

It could be a waste of money considering the effort and petrol consumed in the process.

Nonetheless, I’d still hope the world has one less rubbish in landfill if I carefully practice the 3Rs, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

KRV Metal – Recycle Shop at Puchong

Recycle Shops at Puchong

  1. KRV Metal

Jalan 6, Taman Bukit Kuchai, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.

There’s always a “pay” even when the items I brought over was in tiny amount. They gave RM0.60 for a few piece of paper and plastic container.

They DO NOT accept used light bulbs, Styrofoam, fabrics.

However, recycle is really the last options in 3R, whenever we can, Reduce and reuse are the better choices.

Other things I do to better the environment

1. Practice minimalism

There are many ways to downsizing and everyone has their own unique style to do it.

Minimalism isn’t an one day action where we dispose most of our belongings and start living with just a spoon, it’s a long-term mindset that make us feel good and organised.

2. Less fast food and deliveries

I love McDonald’s, and my sister orders Grab Food almost on daily basis. The food container piles up quickly and we’re hurting the environment each time we enjoy our favorite food.

On that account I have to refrain myself on the frequent fast food, to-go coffees, and food deliveries. It also improves my cooking skill!

I’ve asked McDonald’s whether they can put coffee into my tumbler, or not wanting that piece of paper on the tray, and they didn’t let me. I understand fast food chain operates almost like a production line, the same way I can’t request only that specific roll of Oreo to have more cream.

3. Sell unwanted items in the second hand market

Someone’s trash can be the next person’s treasures. I’ve sold quite a few unimaginable stuff. Used blanket & comforter, TV racks, perfumes that I wasn’t fond of, car shades, and so many bridesmaid dresses.

Check out on carousel before your purchase.

4. Buy second hand

My best purchase got to be hampers basket. I’d purchase this hampers that have no value to the previous owner and turn them into Chinese New Years Hampers every year.

5. Clothing, I have nothing to wear, again!

As a woman, I’ve always felt that there’s nothing to wear in the closet.

To limit myself on buying new clothes, I create capsule wardrobe, have different hairstyle rather than having different outfit, watch 5 minutes craft and turn old clothes into something more fitting.

6. Clean and organise frequently

When we organise regularly, we know our belongings better. What happened the most to me is forgotten clothing. When I organised my wardrobe, I’d find clothes that I don’t remember ever owning it.

7. Just be creative

As long as we care, we can always figure it out.

The time I turned shopper bag into a book wrapper. Of course, avoid shopper bag when possible.

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