My Struggle with Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating as a girl

Compare to my other girlfriends, I’m always drenched while they just starting to sweat. I’m sure there’s someone out there who has the same struggle with me. Tell me how you battle with your excessive sweating traits!

1. That’s why I shower BEFORE gym

There are people who asked me why I shower before working out. When my sweat reacts chemically with my body odor after a full day work, I can keep people away and have the treadmills on my sides empty.

2. That’s why I like swimming

At least I feel dry under water.

3. God is fair

Seemingly only my scalp and face sweat that much. The other parts of my body especially from waist down, it’s quite dry. I don’t have to worry about smelly shoes.

4. Every workout is a good workout got me

Opening 10 jars of peanut butter. Workout completed.

Excessive sweating is better than sweating too little. I’ve never had any workout that is not aggressive enough for me. Sometimes we tend to feel that we exercise efficiently only when are drenched in sweat.

I’ll even pick maternity workout videos on lazy days. Satisfying still…

5. Sweating is both fun and annoying

When I do gardening, I feel like I’m watering them with nutritious water.

My badminton mates wonder why there are always water flying their way.

Also the time I attended a garden theme wedding in the summer. I live in Malaysia, there’s not a day we’re not in summer. I couldn’t wipe my armpit sweat with people surrounded me right.

The huge butt sweat print every time I stand up from a chair

Workout when I didn’t have a headband

6. I got to admit, I love coffee…

Caffeine will induce sweating, I’m working on going decaf.

7. I look dehydrated too

I have dry lips all year. I’m not sure if dry lips, excessive sweating, and dehydration are related. If you know, please comment below

peeling lips

I weighted my towels before and after workout

I did an 8 minutes abs workout for this “experiment”

sweat drops I cannot wipe off in time during yoga

Yes, I’m the one who will make a pool of sweat during yoga. Especially in plank pose and downward facing dog, because the sweats are coming from my scalp.

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