I Signed Up for Online Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hour

I signed up for online yoga teacher training 200HR around September 2019. I had only went to a few yoga classes in Celebrity Fitness before. I like the morning classes, they were slow pacing, unlike the evening class where about 50 person squeeze into the studio, had no idea what was happening at the front.

So I started to do yoga workout at home, 3-5 times a week following Youtube videos. In just 2 months, friends noticed my weight loss, more toned arms, and brighter skin. The most amazing thing was, I could bend and touch my toes. Something that never happened in the past.

And then I wonder, what if I can teach yoga class. I like teaching so that idea pops out

1. The course cost RM1,700.00 or $385 dollar in five months installment

I don’t mind investing on learning, but to some the price is set a bit too high.


2. The yoga center is in Pennsylvania, I practice online in Malaysia

3. It took me 6 months to complete

But it can definitely take much shorter than that. There a few assignments to hands up.

  1. Final project photoshoot – I had my friends have a 20 minutes class with me during our beach trip, take a time-lapse video
  2. Home practice log of 50 hours – include yoga practice, meditation, breathing practice, chanting
  3. Body assessment form – took pictures of my friends or family member, see is their body are healthily aligned. The first person I took, which is myself, i noticed i have a mid supination
  4. Design yoga class sequence – pinterest have a lot of them we can read about
  5. Complete anatomy quizzes – this one took me quite sometime, as i never study biology

4. It does not require you to do any difficult pose to graduate

In this online yoga teacher training course, using props and variation to pose is often practiced. So if we can’t do this king dancer,

we can always do this version of king dancer

5. You need to submit a Home Practice Log

that requires you to have a log book that journal your 50 hours practice. It is totally based on trust, no one is going to investigate whether you did or did not practice that 50 hours. I did it to improve my health, so the 50 hours were solid.

6. After completion, we can register with Yoga Alliance

We don’t have to spend 3 months in India to be register with Yoga Alliance

I did not register, there’s fee to pay annually. Since for those who are hiring teacher, they prefer to value the teachers by their performance rather than the certificate

That’s why I met a few who were already yoga teacher signed up for the program.

7. Teaching experience

They held weekly Zoom session, so students can join the class and teach others who are also learning in the course. It’s optional. I joined the first few class out of curiosity.

During each video meeting of 20 participants, at least 3 of them in one session were teaching yoga as a career. They signed up to get the certificate.

I could have attend Yoga center in Malaysia. It will cost around RM1,500 to RM2,000.00. Same price, better experience. The problem is, I was at east coast, living in suburban Terengganu. Even if I could find a center, the travel distance is another factor to reconsider.

So what did I get upon completion?

  • The intuitive interface helps me to progress. I would make sure I practice everyday, so the progress bar is walking a step further everyday.
  • It has more than what I expected. Before joining the course, I thought yoga was all about advanced bending poses. In the course I learn that meditation, healthy diet, chakra and others. The posses are only a part of yoga.
  • Anatomy courses as well
  • I once had an anatomy question, I emailed them and get instant reply.
  • At the end I get a 200HR YTT certificate posted all the way from the States

Was it worth it?

Yes. If you have the budget, online yoga teacher training is worth it. If you don’t want to spend, following yoga tutorials in a discipline way could bring you as far as I went. We don’t have to sit on the mat two hours each day, just five minutes a day would bring great results.

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