Charity You Can Contribute in Puchong – Year 2020

We’ve been living in Puchong for more than 20 years. Our parents made us a habit to visit orphanage when it’s the Chinese New Year every year. To our parents, charity in terms of both goods or services is a must for someone who’s capable and are blessed.

In this article we’re going to share the orphanage we visited just within Puchong area.

Charity in Puchong

1. House of Joy

Located in Puchong near Bandar Kinrara, house of Joy housed about 60 kids in year 2020.

House of Joy has organized lifestyle for their children, they go to bed around 9pm. So do avoid giving food and supper after that hour.

They posted on their white board regularly to let public aware of what they need and its often not rice and milo.

Puchong donation

They will update their list every week.

If you are looking to contribute and give back to the society and have no clue where to get started, contact us at 016-9159608.

2. Teaching English to Foster Kids via Zoom

Only an hour a week, we organized free English lessons for the adorable kids. Even though they go to churches, they are Chinese educated and lack of an English speaking environment. The syllabus are sponsored by Adventures English (Meranti Jaya) located in Puchong as well. They have variety of syllabus based on different English skill level.

Moreover, we create free YouTube videos specially designed for their progress.

The cons of Short-Term Volunteer Teacher

House of Joy often receive helps from various resources and offered teaching lessons for free. However, these are mostly short term teachers from universities and other short term charity programs.

1. Teacher comes and go

It gives students a feeling that you don’t have to put in too much effort in the class, since the teacher will leave after a short while, there will be no credit to keep.

2. More emotional burdens

When you just started to like someone, they are ready to say goodbye.

This happens a lot to participants in volunteer teaching programs.

Children in foster home don’t get to have an individual phone or access to the internet freely, the relationship with their teacher is passively relied on the teacher. Even adults don’t like bidding goodbyes, it is a stress for children who has to meet new people regularly and learn that they are not there to stay.

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