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per entry gym in puchong
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Hola fitness is a gym in Bandar Puteri, Puchong, located right above Beer Factory at Jalan Puteri 2/2.

It happens to a lot of people. We graduated university, found a stable job, sitting in front of the computer everyday for long hours, we missed the active schedule back then. Eventually, we think it’s time to sign up for a gym membership to have a work-life-balanced routine.

I signed up for Celebrity Fitness, where I find myself only visited the gym at average four times a month. If the membership is RM180 per month, each visit had cost RM45.00.

The Good…

1. Per-Entry Gym

Opens Monday to Saturday from 6am to 12am

Sunday 7am to 12am

Closed on Public Holidays

They even have 5 entries free 1 entry, you know, like mccafe stamp card, every 5 stamps you get 1 free entry.

2. It’s monthly pass is affordable

They are having promotion from time to time, I’ve tried signing up for 6 months at only RM299.00

3. It’s suitable for female gym-goer

This gym is packed with 50-50 male to female gym-goers. Mostly because it offers zumba, yoga and Pilate classes, lots of girls visited the place. Most importantly, this gym doesn’t smell bad, it doesn’t have air-conditioning at the cardio session, maybe that’s why.

4. They have classes every evening, and you don’t have to pay extra for it

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Be there earlier for yoga session, else you can’t find a good spot

5. Dance studio with huge mirror when no class is held

6. You can feel that people are passionate at working out in this gym

Unlike some places where big corporations sign up their employees, in this gym you can feel that people really comes here for a good sweat and sculpting their bodies seriously.

7. Affordable parking

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If you visit at night, there will be free parking along the street. However, the available parking became limited after Beer Factory operating downstairs.

8. They are actually having staff who can train you, for free

9. You can shower there

10. There’s plenty of dumbbell and equipment and they never seem to run out of supplies

And the bad…

1. It’s closed on Public Holidays

But i don’t see this as a downside. It’s public holiday! Enjoy the holiday with your family instead!

2. It doesn’t have Sauna, they don’t provide towels, tv-channels…

They do have yoga mat but I advise you to bring your own.

3. Their shower room is in fact their toilets.

Don’t expect 5 star shower room. But girls do shower here especially those after a morning workout and going to 9-5 work after.

4. Their treadmill session isn’t air conditioned

Again I don’t see it as a problem. I personally feel sick working out in enclosed air conditioned places.

The Tips…

1. Bring a small padlock

They provide lockers and it wasn’t high tech card scan or password lock. It is the traditional padlock locker. It also means if you have two padlocks you can use 2 lockers.

2. Parking

3. They don’t have drinking water machine but mineral water is purchasable at only RM1.00

4. Bring your own yoga mat

First we don’t have to pay for shopping mall parking rate. If we go at night it’s free even. The most packed hours are of course after 6pm, as Beer Factory was just right below the gym.

5. Wear deodorant if you know you smell bad

Well this is a tip for every gym any gym you are going.

5. There’s nice cafe nearby!

Check out the cafes you can find in Bandar Puteri after a nice workout.

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