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Bandar Puteri

This is the place where most fancy restaurants are located. Cafes, milk tea street, offices…

Photo by Adnan Mirza on Unsplash

Puchong Jaya

Boulevard Puchong

Another hot spot for MPSJ to tow your illegal parked vehicle away.

Their paid multi-floor car parks can be too dark, too creepy, or inconvenient, the puchong-ians are willing to risk RM300 summon.

Some also claimed that road on Boulevard Puchong is too wide and attractive to double park.


This could the oldest part in Puchong. This is also where I used to live.

Why I like this place: we can play golf here

Taman Perindustrian Puchong

This is an industrial area that is quite special we have an LRT station here, which is only 200meter away from the last stop.

You can also find a lot of “zap fan” and “kopitiam” here.

Wawasan Puchong

Hiking trail hides here.

There’s also Setia-Walk for the party go-er.

Puchong Perdana

These are the part you can understand why Puchong is so dense with residents. From this area onwards, housing projects are still hot and going on.

Bukit Puchong

Landmark: Tesco Bukit Puchong

If they are giving out award on “Places with Most Traffic Lights”, Bukit Puchong is proudly nominated.

Putra Prima

The country side of Puchong. This is the part you truly believe, wow, Puchong is damn huge.

We practice golf here, at MOS golf academy.

This is the part of Puchong where Starbucks and Mcdonald’s still hesitate to get here.

Photo by Nax on Unsplash

Taman Mas Puchong

It is here when things starting to get mysterious.

But I do have many 30s friends who live here. Only living, entertainment activity is currently unavailable.

Puchong South

16 Sierra, developed by IOI Group, surrounded by tolls and highway. High end houses are normal here (branded developer). The place is not mature yet.

There’s more…

I don’t think I will ever done exploring Puchong. If you know any places or have better description to a specific Puchong area, feel free to comment and let us know

We’re eager to find out all the best food, best cafes, best nursing care, best places you can go in Puchong. Puchong is known for its traffic jam, at all time. So if you’re trapped here, or that you live here, we hope that you find peace and joy in this place. We have a lot more than traffic jams and double parking here.

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